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Types of e-cigarettes and e-juices and where to buy them


E-cigars are devices that make use of the e-juices to produce a vapor that when inhaled and exhaled give the feeling of smoking a real tobacco based cigarette. However, the difference between the two lies in the fact that you can use non-nicotine based e-juices too for smoking/vaping. It is far cleaner and environment-friendly than the real tobacco cigars.

Types of e-cigarettes

There are many different ways to classify the different types of e cigarette with nicotine suppliers like e-cigarette club that are available in the market; one such classification is to divide them on the basis of 3 categories. It includes

  • Disposable
  • Voltage variable
  • Refillable

Disposable e-cigars

These are look-alikes of the real premium quality tobacco cigars. In order to give the authentic feel of smoking, the cigars have a LED light that glows red at one end. It is considered to be the most opted for choice by those who are addicted to smoking and chain-smokers who feel uncomfortable if they do not have a cigar in hand. You just have to suck at the other end of the e-cigar just like you do in a normal cigar. This would set up the heating and vaporization process and the vapor thus produced can be inhaled and exhaled as you do in the case of a normal tobacco cigar. They are called disposable cigars because you need to keep replacing the cartridge once the e-liquid that is pre-filled is over. These cigars are usually priced around 10-15 pounds, but the cartridges would be priced about 5-7 pounds. Considering his aspect of having to shell out 5-7pounds for replacing the cartridge and the poor vapor production and performance that is generally lower generally lead to the smokers to search for other promising alternatives.

You can access these e-cigars in large supermarket chains as well as petrol stations.

The refillable electronic cigarette

These cigars are available in the form of larger sized cigars that come wrapped in tobacco leaves or look like a pen. They are powered by a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable like the battery of your mobile phone. The refillable cartridge can be refilled with the e-juice of your preference whenever it is needed. They last longer considering the battery life and the vapor they produce have a better flavor. Though the cost of the e-cigar device would be an expensive affair initially, over time, it is likely to get cost-effective considering the refills that are available at cheaper rates. You can buy them from the specialty corners for e-cigars in malls and supermarkets, in stores that sell e-cigars and even online from reputable e-commerce sites.

The variable voltage device

This is the most advanced model e-cigar that guarantees maximum performance. The variable voltage feature makes it possible to inhale vapors of a quality that you desire. The high-performance batteries can heat up the liquid fast, or the voltage can be adjusted to heat up and produce vapors at a slower rate. You can access it at specialty stores, in malls and supermarkets and also online.

Chose the devices and e-juices to match the devices for a great vaping experience.