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Different kind of Internship in Australia

Internship in Australia

It is always best to take up an internship, as this would help you learn more about your field, your particular industry and grow relations and networks. With a booming economy, one can find various kinds of internships in Australia according to Premium Graduate Placements Whirlpool. Let us look at some of the fields that you can think of –

Finance and business internships – Now, if you are specifically thinking about Australia, then a finance or business internship is best done in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The finance market in this country is quite unique. Though it is isolated, it is majorly aligned with markets in Asia. Hence, overseas interns can learn a lot from this market. In fact, it can be said that it is quite an asset for such students to complete an internship in Australia.

Charity or non-profit Internships – There are several registered charities in Australia which offer several community services. In the charity field, it is easy to find unpaid internships in Australia. But please do keep in mind that it would be a good option especially if you are a student and are looking for something part-time. Also, if you are looking for advocacy or program management or marketing and communications specifically in this field – then an internship is the best way to learn.

Fashion internships – Australia is well known for its retail and fashion industry. There are several designers that are getting attention internationally for their designs and creativity. However, as in any other country, in Australia too this is a highly competitive field and quite difficult to get into. So if you manage to get an internship in Australia and that too in the fashion field, then you would be certainly valued by employers in the future. Sydney and Melbourne are known for their international fashion weeks, and due to the love for local makes and labels, this industry can only grow in the future. If you are also having an interest in design, purchase, retail management, you could also look for an internship in leading department stores.

Media internships – If you are thinking about communications, PR, media then again one of the big cities would make sense for you. These fields do have paid internships, and you can gain vast experience in such fast-paced fields. Also once you complete your internship in Australia in such fields, you would be a valued member. It is an extremely fast-changing and competitive field which can only do good for your resume and give you loads of experience.

Tourism Internships – Australia is such a beautiful country that tourism is another booming industry. And if you are a travel bug, then there is nothing more perfect for you. This way you get to travel, learn and at the same time earn too. However, this is another competitive field and getting paid opportunities is a little difficult though not impossible.

There are several more internships in Australia that one can take up and gain experience with – for example, Marketing, PR, Advertising, International Trade, Agriculture and so on. Whatever field you take up, you need to be dedicated and take it up with the purpose of growth.