The business-to-business companies or popularly known as B2B companies are business organizations and companies which sell and trade products and services with other business organization or corporation. B2B business model is based on the concept of doing trade with different international business organizations and manufacturing companies. For every B2B company having a widespread and robust customer base is one the most significant aspect of their business procedures and methods. Every b2B company owner or administrator is aware of the fact that gaining customer’s loyalty not only give meaning to their business organization but it also helps them in improving performance efficiency of their business organization.

Who are the target audience and customers of B2B companies?

In the B2C business model, the companies target and sell their product directly to the customer or consumers.  Whereas, in B2B business model the companies strive to obtain lucrative business deals and contracts with the various international business organizations of their industry. Instead of promoting their brand and marketing their product to every individual customer or consumer, the B2B companies try to gain the attention of well-established business firms and organizations. Making a purchase or sale decision is a much more complex and complicated task than in the B2B business model. The B2B companies have to look out for the best interest of everyone involved in the organization whereas in B2C business model the seller is only concerned with his/her best interest. So, in B2B business model marketing strategies have to be clear and customer-oriented. In the B2C business model doesn’t necessarily have to worry about strategy and marketing tactics.

What are B2B platforms/portals?

If you run a B2B company, then you might be aware of the pivotal role that a reliable B2B platform plays in the expansion and growth of a business organization. The concept of digital B2B platform was introduced many years ago, but now these platforms are becoming one of the most widely-used and visited sites on the internet. These B2B platforms not only provide and assist you with innovative business solutions and marketing strategies but they also help in modernizing your business venture and perspectives. Registering your business organization on a B2B platform is one of the most advanced and widely-preferred methods of reaching international markets and entering the global business sector. These platforms have alliances with numerous B2B worldwide business organizations and companies. Through these platforms, you will not only be able to reach global markets, but you will also be able to gain beneficial business deals with these internationally recognized and popular business brands and corporations.

 Numerous B2B platforms have elevated the business status of various associated business organizations and enterprises. These platforms have not modernized the conventional business world, but they have also introduced cost-effective strategies and methods to improve performance efficiency. Platforms like Alibaba, DHgate, Globalsources, eWorldTrade, Made-in-china and many other platforms are assisting numerous B2B companies and business organizations in achieving their business targets and objectives.


These are some of the basic concepts of Business-to-Business companies and organizations. The B2B platforms not only provide you with business solutions but it also helps you in keeping the strategies and methods your business organization up-to-date and modernized.