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Car Insurance For High-Risk Drivers: Things To Remember

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According to car insurance companies, a high-risk driver is one who files claims regularly. Both the car owner and the insurance provider suffer from this. In other words, if you are a high-risk driver and file claims frequently, your insurance company will incur a higher loss ratio, meaning that the costs incurred in processing your claim will exceed the amount of your premium.

Things That Put You At High Risk When Driving 

Sophisticated devices can ascertain the risk profile of a driver. Not all Indian car insurance providers have included this kind of technology in their pricing structure. These insurers base their high-risk car insurance quotes on the following factors. Make sure you are aware of this before you buy car insurance online.

History Of Claims

If you file many claims, your car insurance premium may increase because you will forfeit the valuable No Claim Bonus (NCB) concession. This is directly related to claims, so you might have to pay more the next time you renew your car insurance. *


Some insurance providers charge young drivers, or those who own cars up to thirty or thirty-five, more for car insurance. An explanation for this exorbitant cost could be that younger drivers typically have less driving experience than older drivers.

However, compared to younger drivers, seasoned drivers might have to pay a lower premium. Some insurance companies think drivers with experience could drive more carefully and file fewer claims. ##


A tenuous correlation exists between the likelihood of car theft and accidents and the place of residence or frequent parking. When considering a specific region, certain locations may be more vulnerable to theft than others.

Marital Status

According to a study, married individuals experience a 5% reduction in car insurance premiums. Married individuals pay a different premium than single individuals because married people are generally safer drivers and have more stable finances.

Note: When determining a driver’s risk profile, some international car insurers take gender into account.

Based on the previously listed considerations, you can select the ideal car insurance for drivers who pose a high risk. You can manage all aspects of your insurance using an instant car insurance app.

What Drawbacks Come With Driving A Vehicle That Poses A High Risk?

The drawbacks of driving at a high risk are listed below.

  • High-risk drivers, often seen speeding or ignoring traffic laws, face an increased likelihood of accidents, endangering not only themselves and passengers but also other road users like pedestrians and hawkers.
  • Another drawback of driving a car at high risk is paying more for car insurance when you buy car insurance online. Based on the considerations listed in the preceding section, the insurance provider will evaluate your risk profile and determine the appropriate premium for your car insurance.
  • For a high-risk driver, the NCB will reset more frequently because the likelihood of filing a claim is higher. High-risk drivers suffer from this, as well as increased premiums. Discover how utilising the Bajaj Allianz car insurance app can streamline the process and provide valuable insights for better coverage. *