Boost your Enterprise with a Secured Business Loan

To put your business in top gear you need to have a business strategy. For that strategy to be successful you will need to invest more capital, which is not possible if all your liquid funds are tied up. When you are facing a shortage of liquid funds, you can always apply for a working capital loan or small business loan. Secured business loans can give you immediate access to the loan funds and require very little documentation to apply.

Whom to trust to get a secured business loan?

First, if you have a small or medium bus enterprise you should understand that working capital loans are meant for sorting out the day to day expenses of your business. It is not advisable to put these funds into something as critical as business development or other long term investments, for that you should go for an SME Loan.

Second, secured business loans are given against a collateral wherein you are required to pledge an asset against the loan amount to secure funds. Now keeping these in mind, you should look for a loan provider who is well known in the market and has a credible record of customer service. Not to mention, if you are getting a working capital loan, you will be needing the funds as quickly as possible. So check out for a small and medium business loan provider known for quick turnaround times.

Here are a few things you can do with your secured business loan for investing in working capital:

  • Use your working capital loan to manage the payroll of your employees. Happy employees are productive employees.
  • Have ready cash to benefit from discounts offered by vendors and third party business associates. Buy your wares on the cheap and sell them for a profit – business 101.
  • Get past a short-term funds shortage which might be affecting your business growth. Being an entrepreneur is all about staying prepared for the storms while batting on sunny days.

Benefits of secured business loans for small and medium businesses:

  • Purchase new machinery or equipment for your business and increase your output with a machinery and equipment loan.
  • Use an SME loan for business expansion by utilising the funds for opening new store fronts, purchasing more raw material, and other capital expenses.

Advantages of secured business loans:

  • Faster Approvals:you do not need to wait for days and weeks to get funds, which means you can start utilising the monies straight away.
  • Save Time:An advantage no entrepreneur can afford to lose. Faster approvals of secured business loans means you can set the wheels in motion faster and stay a step ahead of the competition.
  • Flexible Repayments:It is always a good idea to get your business loan from firms that allow flexible repayment schedules and restructuring of the loan amount. This way you are not over-burdened by the approaching due dates.

Lendingkart is a Non Banking Financial Company registered with RBI. The company has rapidly expanded its footprint in urban and rural India due to its fast and business friendly loan approvals. Lendingkart promises maximum 3 days of turnaround time for unsecured and secured business loan approvals, pending a document verification. Moreover, the whole process is online and you can apply for a business loan by uploading digital copies of your documents. Once you complete the registration and submit your documents, you will receive a customised business loan proposal from the company within 3 working days, and the funds will be transferred to your business account if you choose to accept the quote.

To know more you can visit the Lendingkart website here.

Online Business

The Significance of Quality Content in SEO

High quality unique content is one of the most important parts of an SEO strategy. Almost all affordable search engine optimization solutions thrive on writing quality content for their SEO campaigns. There is a lot of content on the web for each and every topic or niche. Your content should stand out and resonate on its own. Here are some reasons to why website content should be nicely structured and well written:

  1. Message Becomes Clearer to People:

Whatever the aim is for your content, if the texts are poorly written, then that aim is lost. The person reading your post won’t understand it at all. The post on any website always has a message attached to it. In pieces, which are poorly written, there is a high chance that people might not understand the message that well. A structured post without typos and misspellings is much more understandable.

  1. Reduced Bounce Rate:

With nicely structured and well written content, there is a very high chance that readers would stay on the said site for reading the post. Due to this, the bounce rate would be lowered and the ranking of the website would be improved in the search engines.

  1. More Trust:

Due to articles, which actually provide value, your readers would start trusting you more. The content without any typos would also look more legit and professional. Because of this, people would start trusting you more. A person who trusts your website would definitely return to it again.

  1. More Attention:

As the content is well written, the chances for it to be shared on the social media increases. It is obvious that people won’t share a post that isn’t well written as they won’t read it completely either. Therefore, the core message of the content is lost.

If you write content, which is incredible, the outcome would be 100% positive for your social media as well search engine optimization. If the message in the content is properly understood and is useful to the audience, then many of them would definitely return to your website.


The Real Estate Market in Thailand Explained

Thailand’s real estate market has experienced highs and lows due to various happenings in the country’s history. This is understandable as in any country, the political, economic and even environmental climate will affect how lucrative businesses can be. Another factor influencing Thailand’s real estate market is the type of real estate investment buyers or renters are looking to take on. Real estate in Thailand includes condominiums, houses, villas and land.

Other factors affecting the Thailand real estate market include the location of property, the cost, purpose of investment, quality of structure and the ease of legal process.

Lucrative Areas to Acquire Condominiums

In cities such as Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok, the development of condominium projects is on the rise. Condominium purchases are more popular among foreign buyers because Thai law places restrictions on the ownership of land by non-nationals. Land can eventually be held by a non-Thai national however not in their own name. This restriction and others makes acquiring ownership of a condominium less of a hassle for foreigners.

In addition to being the named owner of this type of property, foreigners can use the title deed as collateral while in Thailand. These units are usually much cheaper than houses, are in a convenient location and can easily be rented or re-sold without a complicated process.

The Housing Market

The housing market is a little different. Since houses come with land, the route to acquiring ownership is not so straightforward for foreigners. In order to hold ownership, a foreigner would have to establish or use their existing Thai limited company to route the sale. The house plus land would then become the holdings of the company and not the individual. Another solution to this challenge is to use an extended lease agreement (usually for 30 years) to acquire the land. In this way, you do not own the land but still have a long term possession arrangement.

Buyers who may prefer to own a house benefit from greater privacy, more living space than with a condominium and will also benefit from rise in market value on the property.

Purchasing Villas

Purchasing a villa definitely requires the use of a lawyer and/or real estate agent to provide guidance through the legal and acquisition processes. Your representatives will play their respective roles in going through the process of conducting property searches, spearheading the setting up of limited liability Thai company (through which the sale will be conducted) and then finally processing the actual sale. You may be provided with additional advice depending on whether the property for purchase is a completed development or is undergoing construction. Your attorney will provide the best advice on how to protect yourself and your investment for maximum benefit.

Routes of Acquiring Land

It has already been established that under Thai law land cannot be directly held in ownership by non-Thai nationals. In order to acquire ownership of land, the non-national would have to have to use their Thai limited company or if they are married, acquire possession through their Thai spouse. This however has certain requirements because the title documents will not reflect part ownership of the non-Thai party in any way. It would thus have to be understood and agreed that in the event of dissolution of the relationship, the likelihood of total loss of investment to the Thai party is the inevitable outcome.

An alternative method of acquiring land without legal ownership is through a leasehold agreement. This long term agreement, up to 30 years, allows the lease holder to enjoy all the benefits of the land during that period of time up until when the lease ends. The renewal of the lease at the end of the period is not automatic, so the leaseholder must seek renewal and the subsequent lease may not exceed 30 years. These leases allow for the construction of structures on the land and the name of the lease holder will be added to the title deed and maintained at the Land Department.

Additional Considerations Regarding Thailand Real Estate

  • Thailand’s real estate industry is not regulated by the government to provide standardization of fees and commissions required from investors. With this in mind, it is important to have candid and transparent discussion with real estate agents and lawyers to determine what is to be expected in terms of their compensation for transaction associated services.
  • If you are a foreigner holding title to real estate in Thailand, it is important to draft up a final will and testament document for your beneficiaries. This document must detail all the assets you hold in Thailand including your bank accounts, vehicles, property and personal effects. While it is good to have a will in your home country, it is recommended that you have a will drafted in Thailand, which the government will request to disseminate your assets. Having a will in the Thai language prevents the additional processes required to translate and verify a non-Thai language copy in the event of death.

Author Bio – This article is written by Patrick Swan in support of CBRE, the first international real estate consultant firm to be established in Bangkok. For more information pertaining to Thailand real estate, please do visit their website today.


Staffing within KC – Choosing the best Employee for that Job

Kansas City is really a large city area which covers associated with 260 sq . miles associated with land. There are simply over 2 million citizens living in the region. Many residents are looking for jobs close to their houses. There tend to be many competent employees that want to get work. Whenever a company is actually considering their own needs with regard to staffing within KC, they must start using the staffing organization or recruiter to obtain the best worker possible. Choosing the best employee for that position could be difficult when the right kind of candidate doesn’t know concerning the available placement.

Many powerful candidates who are searching for employment find that it’s much better to work via a staffing company instead of try and visit a job by themselves. This is a good place to begin looking with regard to possible employees whenever a company requirements staffing within KC. The procedure can weed a lot of unqualified candidates from the application procedure. The tests which are given in order to possible applicants who’re interested within the positions available might help determine the level of skill that every applicant will offer. This is a terrific way to narrow down the perfect candidates for that job.

Staffing within KC could be a bit hard if there are lots of positions inside the same organization to fill up. The recruiting department frequently becomes bogged down using the interview procedure along with all the reference inspections, the correct candidate will frequently slip with the cracks. Using a 3rd party to handle all the pre-screening, for example reference inspections and skills tests, can take a lot of stress removed from the recruiting department. This will frequently create a company employing great employees for every position.

Searching for that right employee could be a cumbersome task that lots of employers don’t enjoy. If these types of employers can find competent employees via a temporary or even permanent staffing organization, the task wouldn’t seem therefore cumbersome. Staffing within KC could be a pleasant experience when the right candidates are supplied for last interviews. Staffing companies can offer the required testing as well as pre-interviews in addition to follow upward with any kind of reference checks which are crucial. The the majority of highly competent candidates tend to be those that might be interviewed through the company who’s seeking in order to fill a situation. Sometimes this particular final interview isn’t required through the hiring organization, especially when the position is just a short-term position that should be filled.