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Boost your Enterprise with a Secured Business Loan


To put your business in top gear you need to have a business strategy. For that strategy to be successful you will need to invest more capital, which is not possible if all your liquid funds are tied up. When you are facing a shortage of liquid funds, you can always apply for a working capital loan or small business loan. Secured business loans can give you immediate access to the loan funds and require very little documentation to apply.

Whom to trust to get a secured business loan?

First, if you have a small or medium bus enterprise you should understand that working capital loans are meant for sorting out the day to day expenses of your business. It is not advisable to put these funds into something as critical as business development or other long term investments, for that you should go for an SME Loan.

Second, secured business loans are given against a collateral wherein you are required to pledge an asset against the loan amount to secure funds. Now keeping these in mind, you should look for a loan provider who is well known in the market and has a credible record of customer service. Not to mention, if you are getting a working capital loan, you will be needing the funds as quickly as possible. So check out for a small and medium business loan provider known for quick turnaround times.

Here are a few things you can do with your secured business loan for investing in working capital:

  • Use your working capital loan to manage the payroll of your employees. Happy employees are productive employees.
  • Have ready cash to benefit from discounts offered by vendors and third party business associates. Buy your wares on the cheap and sell them for a profit – business 101.
  • Get past a short-term funds shortage which might be affecting your business growth. Being an entrepreneur is all about staying prepared for the storms while batting on sunny days.

Benefits of secured business loans for small and medium businesses:

  • Purchase new machinery or equipment for your business and increase your output with a machinery and equipment loan.
  • Use an SME loan for business expansion by utilising the funds for opening new store fronts, purchasing more raw material, and other capital expenses.

Advantages of secured business loans:

  • Faster Approvals:you do not need to wait for days and weeks to get funds, which means you can start utilising the monies straight away.
  • Save Time:An advantage no entrepreneur can afford to lose. Faster approvals of secured business loans means you can set the wheels in motion faster and stay a step ahead of the competition.
  • Flexible Repayments:It is always a good idea to get your business loan from firms that allow flexible repayment schedules and restructuring of the loan amount. This way you are not over-burdened by the approaching due dates.

Lendingkart is a Non Banking Financial Company registered with RBI. The company has rapidly expanded its footprint in urban and rural India due to its fast and business friendly loan approvals. Lendingkart promises maximum 3 days of turnaround time for unsecured and secured business loan approvals, pending a document verification. Moreover, the whole process is online and you can apply for a business loan by uploading digital copies of your documents. Once you complete the registration and submit your documents, you will receive a customised business loan proposal from the company within 3 working days, and the funds will be transferred to your business account if you choose to accept the quote.

To know more you can visit the Lendingkart website here.