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Essential Services for the Contractor


So many businesses outsource and this puts contractors in high demand, and whether you are a scaffolder or a MIG welder, your goal is to deliver the best possible service to your clients. The best contract accountants in East London offer tailored services that every contractor needs, and with their help, you can really focus on expanding the business, and you won’t fall behind with VAT or tax.

  • Taxation – Contractors have to pay tax, just like everyone else, and with an accountant who is used to preparing contractors’ tax returns, you can be sure he will minimise your payments whenever possible.
  • VAT Registration – Once you are VAT registered, your accountant can keep track of things, and with the VAT going into a separate account, you will not get mixed up, and your returns will be submitted on time.
  • Claiming for Expenses – You can easily lose out if you are not on the ball regarding keeping a track on your business expenses, but with a contractor’s accountant in your corner, you won’t experience unclaimed costs.
  • Business Formation – Whether a sole trader or a partnership, there are several ways to form a business, and with expert advice, you will be making all the right decisions. Setting the company up in the right way provides you with a solid platform for expansion, and as you expand, the accountant is there to make sure you take the right direction.

It makes sense to delegate, and all of your administration can be handled by a contractor’s accountant, while you devote all of your energy to winning contracts.