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Experience the Perfect Results for the Smart factoring

Smart factoring

Factoring is a complex of services rendered by the Bank to Sellers in exchange for conceding the money demands of Sellers to their Buyers. Need to know more about factoring companies and factoring? Let us know now

Factoring services in Novosibirsk include:

  • financing of the supply of goods (works, services), which were made on deferred payment terms,
  • Management of the Seller’s accounts receivable within the cash claims assigned to the Bank.
  • Management of accounts receivable means:
  • examination of documents confirming the monetary claim,
  • information support of factoring services in the form of reports of the Bank,
  • Control over the timely payment by customers of monetary claims, etc.

Who is most interested in factoring?

Factoring in Novosibirsk is most interesting for enterprises that work in the production and wholesale trade and have regular customers with good payment discipline, granting them a deferred payment, and, at the same time, they need to attract financing for current activities. Factoring allows not only to speed up the turnover of receivables, but also to increase the scope of the enterprise. The concern of the enterprise is not the planning of the repayment schedule, but the search for new reliable customers.

  • The advantages of factoring in Novosibirsk bank “Accept”:
  • Funded postponement – up to 120 days;
  • Paid financing – up to 90% of the amount of the assigned claim;
  • Financing of deliveries to buyers located in any region of Russia;
  • The decision on the Client’s application is made within 5 days from the date of submission of the full package of documents;
  • Provision of a waiting period during which the bank expects payment from the Buyer for an overdue claim – insurance of risks of untimely payment of Buyers. Without additional commissions!

Financing the assigned claim within one day after the assignment

One of the main advantages of registration of factoring services in “Accept” is the speed of decision-making and their implementation. At the same time, the bank builds partnership relations with its customers, using an individual approach to solving their problems.

Put forward the condition “in the morning money – in the evening chairs” can only characters in the novel “Twelve Chairs”, but suppliers need to sell their goods and services sometimes with a delay of several months. We are sorting out how to make sure that this situation does not hit your business.

You have delivered goods or provided services, and will pay them in a month. It seems that your business is becoming like a bank: you are lending to your customers. But unlike the bank, you do not have free money, credit analysts and debt collection services. And each delay in payment threatens to leave the business without working capital. Factoring helps to protect against risks and bring business to the next level.