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How Office Space Affects Employees’ Productivity

Office Space Affects Employees’ Productivity

Due to COVID-19, more people are working from home. However, people are having challenges. At home, you’ll find lots of distractions. But office spaces can help employees to focus at work, and do things according to their tasks.

Human conduct is difficult to predict. However, we realize it tends to be altogether affected subtlely. You have the option to radically improve your and your team’s profitability. You can do it by presenting other essential tools that assist them with becoming more organized.

You might have the option to lift their spirit and productivity by changing your group’s office environment.

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Factors in Office Space That Affects Employees’ Productivity


The office ambiance has a great impact on your employees’ productivity. This could be unnoticeable, but it is as important as the lighting and ambient noise of the office.

According to science, poor ambiance or air quality can affect the mood and productivity of the employees. Make sure to improve the ambiance and air quality by adding an air filter, cleaner outdoor air, and better exposure.

The Ambient Noise

Although too much silence is frowned upon in any office space. But other noises, such as nearby conversation, squeaky cart, or other material-producing noises can be distractive.

Giving some degree of ambient noise, at a manageable volume, can help conceal a portion of these diverting clamors. Separating workplaces or desks gives better protection from unnecessary noises.


Investigate your office lighting, including how much normal light you let into the workplace. Bright lighting has been appeared to make individuals more joyful, making these employees less nervous, and work more conveniently. Furthermore, adequate lighting can decrease the beginning of computer vision disorder, too.

If possible, pick an office space with a lot of open windows. When you have the chance or enough budget, introduce blue-colored and splendid lighting to guarantee your group has enough lighting to continue to work without worries.


Studies have discovered distinctive “ideal” temperatures for a work environment climate. However, the specific normal temperature for top efficiency has been said to be around 71 degrees F.

The only problem is that some people have different preferences. While one representative might be working effectively at the said temperature, but others might feel too cold. On the other hand, some employees discover that the workplace is too hot that is hard for them to focus. You’ll need to explore and change according to your group’s preferences.

Plants or Green Backgrounds

It may not appear to be that a small bunch of office plants could expand your groups’ efficiency and productivity in a short period. However, an investigation revealed by Wired UK showed plants could prompt an increase in up to 15 percent. There are changing speculations regarding why plants work, including their engaging “normal” view and oxygenating impact; whatever the explanation, plants produce a quantifiable impact.

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