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How to improve local SEO for franchises?


It takes a lot of efforts and marketing to get your franchise on the top of Google search results. SEO is the best way for franchises to reach local customers and increase traffic to both on website and physical storefront.

To create local SEO marketing strategies for multiple locations need hard work and time. To use search engine optimization for ranking for service-related items and products, but local SEO help you reach customers searching for products in your city and local areas.

Franchises are mostly based on famous and well-known brands and their customers are well aware and comfortable visiting new stores. But unless they did not know that any specific location exists near them to visit and make purchases. Local franchise SEO is very essential for reaching customers in a better way and increase sales and services either it is a large franchise brand or a corporate office or a specific location.

There are some strategies which are essential for the improvement of local SEO for franchises.

Listing in Google Maps

Nowadays the easiest way of finding a display center or storefront is to search on Google Maps. The search engine provides a map of options and users can get GPS directions to a store with just few clicks. If your franchise location is not yet appear on Google Map results, you need to register them using Google My Business, the procedure is quiet easy, simply visit their website and follow their instructions step-by-step.

After creating an account your storefront will be visible on Google Maps, making it easier for customers to get the locations and directions of your multiple franchises.

Listing in Yelp

Consumers trust Yelp for reviews and search it before buying a product to decide which will suit their needs. They can find reviews and photos of products submitted by users. Visitors can find other relating information about contact details, products and much more about industry.

You may miss potential customers if your franchise locations are not listed on Yelp, who are already searching for your products in their locations. By using Yelp, local customers can reach your local locations and give reviews about their likes or dislikes.

Usage of right keywords in website content

It is important to use location-based keywords on your web page, to improve your visibility in local search results. You must mention your location in important elements like headings, title tags and body copy. You can also use local tourist places, local landmarks and specific regional names as keywords to become visible on search pages.

To gain visibility in search results on search results of Google and Bing, this is an excellent marketing plan, besides Google Map and Yelp.

Micro site or corporate site

If you are working in a corporate office of a franchise, mention each individual location on your website with complete information of shop address, phone numbers, timings and all contact details. By including an interactive map of all your locations, makes it easy for users to find the shop in their area and also knowledge of other franchises.

Use consistent logos

A franchise must use the same logos, colours and brands identities for all shops and displays otherwise using different may confuse their customers. For your website sticking with your same colour scheme is important for the success of the business.

Franchisees must encourage customers to leave their reviews about their franchise experiences for other people to learn about the products, services, location and more.