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Small Business Guide to Maximizing Dollars


Regardless whether you’re selling software, shoes or a business, marketing your products to your target market is crucial to your business. And though TVC and billboards are still very much common, advertising is significantly shifting toward digital.

According to experts, small business owners should ride the trend if they want to survive much longer. But given their limited budget, SME owners should be wary in picking which digital medium to use in order to maximize their ad budget. Here are some of the digital channels that we recommend to small businesses.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are some of the most popular Social Media platforms. Creating a business page account on these is fast and easy. Posting and interacting with your audience is simple, too. However, it takes time to grow your audience, but once you get a knack of it, it will be very rewarding. You can also use their paid ads services to acquire fans in less time. In Facebook, for example, you can choose between Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads, Like Ads, Promoted Posts and Facebook Offers to gain engagement and likes on your Facebook Page.


Email is among the first tools that marketers use to promote their products and services. But up to now it is still among the marketers’ most considerable tools online. Why? Because email basically works. According to 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 60% of marketers say email marketing is producing ROI for them. Moreover, it has a longer lifespan compared to Facebook post where almost 74% of the messages you post are being ignored by the users.

So if you’re one of the business owners who think email is dying, think again. Email is still alive and building out your email list is important for your business.

Text Blast

Did you know that the open rate for text messages is higher than 90 percent? Indeed that’s a whopping number, making text blast a very effective and cost-friendly digital campaign tool. There are mobile servicing companies which you can hire to help you conduct a text blast campaign. You can choose your target market and the type of campaign you want which you think that would be most appealing to your target audience.


Almost every business has a website nowadays. That in itself is reason enough to build a website for your business, but that’s not all. We all know that appearing on the top of the search engine results page can do your business good as users click through the sites that they can find on the first page. Hence, you shouldn’t stop on building your website. You should also ensure that your site is being found on the top of the search engine, especially on Google where most of the search activities happen.