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Stock Investment Starting Tips


Investments are always associated with risks, regardless of the form of investing. Investing in the Capital Market has certain risks; and this risk is greater than investing in low risk or risk-free assets, such as savings on time deposits. the risk to be borne by an investor who will invest funds in the Capital Market, the following stock play tips may be helpful before you start investing in the Capital Market.

Do not buy an investment product that is not well understood. For that before investing, various sources of information should be studied first such as reference books, magazines/ business and financial bulletins, research results from financial institutions or consultation with an Investment Advisor. Here are some tips on playing/ stock investing on dailyinvestnews website or conventional one.

Stock buying tips # 1: If you have selected a product such as a stock, and then have to decide which company will be your investment target, then you should conduct a fundamental stock analysis in which the investigation is done on the fundamental aspects of the company and its performance in the Stock Exchange (if the shares have been traded on the Stock Exchange) for example through the prospectus of the company, company profile, financial report, capital market news and so on.

Stock investment tips # 2: Your target investment company may merge, reorganize, target tender offerings, or take other actions that may reduce your ownership value. full of news or announcements about the possibility.

Stock Playing Tips # 3: Stock Exchange Conditions in general and every stock in particular has a trend (trend) price and sales volume that describes the best time to sell / buy. as this “technical analysis” needs to be studied by investors because it will greatly affect the investor’s decision to make a sale / purchase transaction. To this, you can obtain data from research institutions or from your Securities Company research division.

Stock buying tips # 4: On the macro scale, investment performance on the Stock Exchange is strongly influenced by economic conditions, political stability and performance of other Securities Exchanges, while itis sensitive to various (rumors) You must follow these kinds of news which can certainly affect the value of your investment.

Stock investment tips # 5: Investing in companies that do not have previously published information carries a greater risk.

Stock Playing Tips # 6: The first time you buy a stock, you may only buy shares from one company, but over time you may want to increase your investment. If you get to this stage you need to pay attention to one investment principles that are already so popular and can reduce your investment risk when applied, ie “do not put all your eggs in one basket”.

Before you buy stocks, learn a simple fundamental analysis of the condition of the stock company you choose. Perform monitoring on related news companies. The purpose of monitoring is to look at the condition of the company whether the company is growing and developing healthy and reaping profits or vice versa. In addition, pay attention to other news such as the company’s business plan, whether the company has plans for business expansion, acquisitions of new companies, or otherwise has plans for business reduction or depreciation.