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What are some great apps for small business owners


This is a great question. We all want to get the most from apps, but there are so many to choose from. Let the research and hard work of others make it easy to choose the right ones for your small business. Here are some that I use all the time –

SINC Free Employee Time Clock

One of the biggest issues with a small business is keeping track of employees and running payroll. SINC takes all of these issues away. It is simple to use and will produce reports that will help you track what your team are doing as well as let you save stacks of time and money on payroll generation.


This app from Google pulls all of their tools into one place for the small business. It allows people to collaborate on documents, as well as delivering essential Google Tools such as Drive and Gmail all in one handy app. G Suite is pretty much essential for all small businesses.


This is the cloud-based accounting software that is transforming the way we all do business. In the past, we kind of kept up with our accounts quarterly. But Xero has given us the ability to see real-time updates on the go wherever we are. This helps the small business owner to stay in touch with their finances all the time.


Another game-changer. Zoho CRM allows you to manage your customers, streamline processes and automate sales with ease. It is extremely user-friendly, so you can instinctively pick it up and use. Add to this the reporting features, and Zoho CRM makes you look good!


Trello is the ultimate collaboration tool, where members of the team can work together, and you can see the progress made at the touch of a button. You can manage the projects in your business and progress is transparent. Stay in touch with what is going on all the time.


Keeping the lines of communication in your team is essential for any small business. This is where Slack steps up to the plate and helps you knock it out of the park. It is customizable and works well in integration with many other tools and apps. It is group messaging done intelligently.